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Power up your 21st century classroom with StrataLogica, a revolutionary web-based product powered by the Google Earth API and now available on the iPad.

All our maps, atlases, globes, charts and outline maps are now presented in a groundbreaking interactive format.

The world is literally at your finger tips—with layers of age-appropriate, curriculum based content, teachers have the ability to guide students both in and out of the classroom with the custom saved views, lessons and presentations they create and share.

With the StrataLogica Community and social sharing space, users can now create their own presentations, share them on facebook, twitter and through email and remix presentations that other educators create outside of their district.

StrataLogica can be used on interactive whiteboards, computers and projectors—from home and school.

For a quick interactive demo of Stratalogica, click here.

For a free trial go to

All of our print atlases are supplemented with websites or CD-ROMs that include a wealth of information including:
  • Age-appropriate maps, charts, and graphs
  • Independent practice
  • Photographs
  • Research links
We will continue to evolve with the rapid development of technology in the classroom to keep our 100-year-old promise of helping teachers teach and students learn!