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    Sculptural Relief Dual-map Class Pack
    Sculptural Relief Dual-map Class Pack
    A unique teaching system created by mounting two versions of the Sculptural Relief map on one roller: one has place names and the other does not. The map without names provides an unobstructed view of physical features; the map with names is a complete reference. Using a water-soluble-ink marker, teachers and students can highlight specific areas to demonstrate how the physical environment impacts geography, history, and current events.

    Sculptural Relief Dual Map Series Class Pack includes:
    • Four maps: world & U.S. reference maps and world & U.S. base maps, 65" x 72", all mounted on spring roller with backboard
    • Globe with raised relief in gyro-disc mounting, 16" diameter

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    11SR02 Sculptural Relief Dual-map Class Pack $ 615.00 USD

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    9NM44 Wide-tipped markers, box of 4 $ 15.00 USD

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