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    State map available mounted on a spring roller with backboard or mounted with a world/U.S. map combination with a correlated 16-inch globe in gyro-disc mounting. Choose the map combination most appropriate for your grade level from any Nystrom map series. State desk maps are also available in sets of 30.

    The resources will allow students to understand how surrounding geographical features impact their state and how it relates to other places in the world. Correlated with state curriculum guidelines.

    All Class Packs Include:
    • A state map mounted with world & U.S. map combination on spring roller with backboard
    • 16-inch globe in gyro-disc mounting
    Individual State Map Includes:
    • State map mounted on spring roller with backboard
    Click Here to View Grade Correlation Guide for State Class Pack Combinations.

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    11MR-S45 Intermediate Physical Series Virginia Class Pack $ 565.00 USD
    11LC-S45 Land Cover Series Virginia Class Pack $ 565.00 USD
    11PRS-S45 Political Relief Series Virginia Class Pack $ 565.00 USD
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    1PS45 Virginia State Map $ 210.00 USD
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