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    Map Champ Digital Atlas Pack
    Map Champ Digital Atlas Pack
    Develop background knowledge through social studies concepts and map-reading skills

    "Map Champ" characters help students gather text and non-text evidence to develop social studies concepts and advance their map-reading skills.
  • U.S., world and continent maps include age-appropriate detail
  • Introduces simple thematic maps
  • Photo selection promotes identifying similarities and differences

    Copymaster activities (26) and answer key for every two-page spread in the atlas extend students' social studies literacy and critical thinking skills.

    New Lessons (15) built to the Common Core State Standards specifically show how to use atlas pages to help students build Common Core Skills. Educators continue to see the Common Core benefits of StrataLogica because it integrates multiple reference resources and interactive tools for
  • Exploring
  • Researching
  • Writing
  • Collaboration
  • Assessment

  • To view a sample CCSS Lesson click here

    StrataLogica changes the way students learn about our world by delivering dynamic, content-rich layers of learning.
  • Early Learning and Readiness content layers
  • New Discovery Series content layer
  • Our Country's Government chart
  • Access to the StrataLogica community

  • Watch this short video to understand how this interactive, collaborative tool is helping students understand the world we live in.

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    SL5-96A9700C-ELSNS Map Champ Digital Atlas Pack $ 399.00 USD

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